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Table for One

by Kevin J Wilson

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Table For One

This book takes you on life's journey, starting out in a very poor neighborhood all the way up to dining at fine restaurants as an adult. It shows how there isn't much difference between wealth and poverty, and it also discusses author Kevin J. Wilson's lifetime battle with depression and the loss of the people he loved.

Table for One was written after Kevin's brother and sister died young and unexpectedly from two different things in the same week right before Christmas. He was determined to turn the grief he had into a positive, and thus the book was written. It pays tribute to the great lives that they lived and also sends a positive message of hope to others who may be going through the same things. Kevin hopes to reach out to other people who may be battling the same thing and show them they can have loss and tragedy and still keep going.

"Great read about a sons love for his mother and time spent in the kitchen sharing family meals."

- BellZbud

"Table for One was a very inspiring read. I found that once I started reading it it it was very hard to put down."

- John Fabio Jr.

Kevin J. Wilson grew up in a very poor area in Philadelphia. His love for food inspired him to start a food blog website (, which had about three hundred restaurant reviews on it and a good following. He is considered an expert in food service customer service and dining out and is available as an Author to give speeches and do events on those topics just email for media inquires send email to same email address 

About the Author

Table for One

by Kevin J Wilson



Kevin created the Dining On A Dime concept in response to an email criticizing him on how many higher priced restaurants he had on his old restaurant blog website.

Due to this success Kevin has decided to bring this idea to Wildfire Radio as a one hour podcast that will focus on an audience of people who desire to eat out well but on a very low budget. He will have callers and in-studio guests that will teach you how to get great meals even when you're budget is tight. His co-host will be John Cohl who is a food truck expert and consultant. John will keep you up to date on the latest news and happenings in the food truck business. John is the editor in chief of @mobilefoodnews and has several thousand followers and readers on social media.

Podcast Airs Sundays at 5PM

on Wildfire Radio


Introduction Episode

The Dining On A Dime podcast teaches you where to eat out well on a very low budget. The Dining On A Dime Podcast is also available on iTunes and the Google Play to hear all previous episodes..Episode #7 and #8 are our complete guide to the best unknown cheesesteaks 


We would love to hear any feedback on our podcast, you can email us at



Disclaimer: The "Dining On A Dime" segment is Kevin's own opinion based on the research he has done. The restaurants do not pay a fee to be on the radio and Kevin does not accept any freebies from the restaurants to be on the air because they were legitimately chosen because they have delicious food items for under $10.

Table For One takes you step by step through the Authors experience at the best restaurants in Philadelphia from upscale La Croix, Volver and Vetri to the not so upscale like Smokin Bettys, Luckys Last Chance and The is a great resource for people studying Hospitality Management or who work in the Hospitality to hear our podcast and learn where to eat out well on a very low budget






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